The below documentation will provide you with an overview of how best to work with the program. A lots of specific examples as well as detailed instructions will be given to help you know how to use and manage the program easily.

VietSpider Build 19: Quick Guide 1

- Step by Step - Create new channel and crawl data PDF , Word 2007, Word 2003.

VietSpider Build 19: Quick Guide 2

- Step by Step - Create new channel by Channel Store interface PDF , Word 2007, Images and sample channel.

VietSpider Build 18: Quick Guide

Step-by-step Guide to VietSpider Running and Maintaining., PDF version(crawling data from

VietSpider User Guide

Manual for using and managing Data Exploitation System VietSpider , PDF version

Tiếng Việt

Hướng dẫn sử dụng VietSpider

Xem nội dung hướng dẫn các bước cơ bản sử dụng VietSpider tại đây tải các hình ảnh minh họa

Step by step document:



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