What's VietSpider and what makes it different?

What's VietSpider?

What makes it different?

Vietspider is a open source complete Web Data Extraction and automation suite. It has a simple wizard-driven interface for common tasks, but has much more advanced functionality than our competitors. The solution in exploiting, collecting and categorizing data from the internet serving specific purposes.

Getting Web Data = { Clicks }

The Features

  • - Extract data from the websites easily by some clicks.
  • - The tool is advanced but easy to use interface.
  • - Implements Web 3.0 Crawling, Website Parse Template concept.
  • - The Web Crawler can use Proxy and Multi-threaded is configurable per website.
  • - The VietSpider Server can be run as an Linux/Windows services and administrator remotely by VietSpider Client
  • - Support many popular database like MySQL, MS SQL, ORACLE,Postgres, H2...etc
  • - The crawler can handle a large volume of websites, it is designed to mine thousands of domain names.
  • - VietSpider includes built-in web browser, supports JavaScripts.
  • - Many built in plugins such plugin to synchronize data with Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, VBulletin,... Supports exporting data to MS Excel, CSV, XML,... Data Cleansing and Transformation.

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Released 02/11/2015

version 2.03
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